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From Chaos to Clarity...
Creating Opportunity

Supporting Your Success

Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring 

Life is full of change 

Some are positive and exciting 

Some are planned and expected, while others are sudden and unexpected


Our thought-provoking sessions promote innovative thinking, motivation and growth 


We want to collaborate with you and create the opportunity to inspire your success


Whether you are an individual, team or business... 

We offer bespoke support for your unique requirements

Ann Seach

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Ann Elisabeth Seach

Senior Practitioner Coach and visionary CEO of LibertySCC 

Welcome to the transformative world of coaching. 


Ann's coaching philosophy revolves around cross-cultural sensitivity, team dynamics, business and life coaching, personal branding, transitions, diversity, change management, and executive well-being.

Her modern approach seamlessly adapts to dynamic changes, allowing her to connect with clients and companies worldwide.


Ann's journey spans continents, where her passion for cultural understanding has taken her across the globe. With a strong business and people development foundation, she has navigated transitions in China, facilitated business networking in Singapore, and spearheaded initiatives in outplacements, career coaching, sales, and education in Norway and the UK. 

Considering a career change?
Starting your own business and unsure of the next steps?
Or are you an Organisation with a challenge?

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"The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt
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